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Psychological factors also play a decisive role in physically caused chronic pain.

When pain becomes chronic, a constant companion and makes everyday life more difficult, this has an impact on the zest for life, the desire to be active and the general ability to cope with stress. Fear of pain causes people to avoid situations and actions that used to come naturally to them. Many patients feel exhausted and drained, sleep poorly and no longer have the energy to pursue their commitments and hobbies or to maintain their social contacts.

The reverse is also true: psychological stress influences pain. If one is depressed, worried or suffers from anxiety, the pain is intensified.

In psychological pain therapy, the aim is to help patients find an appropriate way of dealing with pain.

It is about understanding the physiological and psychological background, identifying pain triggers and examining ways to prevent pain. You will learn exercises for prevention and pain relief and how to develop distraction strategies. Another focus is on recognizing one's own needs and dealing with worries and problems.

The goal is to discover ways to reshape everyday life.

We offer psychological pain therapy as individual and group treatment. If you are interested, please make an appointment for a consultation.